Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lillooet Lake Rodeo, Part II of II

I'm not the photographer in the family, Dave is. My grainy, far away shots are down below. The dude dressed as a carhart soccer goalie is actually the rodeo clown.

With names like 'McNasty', 'Formula 51' and 'Kenny's Mistake' these bulls went like a pissed bat out of hell. Not a single rider made the qualifying 8 seconds that day.

Lillooet Lake Rodeo Outtakes

These guys rustled the calves that broke away from the roping competition, which was all of them.

They look like they're swapping horse tips.

A cute pup beside me at the bleachers.

The old rodeo outhouses haven't seen a warm butt in ten years...

...and this is why.

When it Gets Cold Again

I've taken up crochetting again, as a distraction to the crappy reruns on network TV. At least Big Love is back on cable and not a moment too soon following The Sopranos series finale. I'm really gonna miss Tony and Carmela.

Two Gold Rings

It never occurred to me to take pics of our wedding rings before we began to wear them 24/7. Five and a half years later, I get around to do it and the difference in finger size is still astonishing. Dave is a whopping 12 and I'm a 5 1/2.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bear Aware

Feel free to consult the 'No Bear' whenever you are in an ambivalent quandry. (clicking photos will lead to accompanying links)

It takes an artist to make an ice cream mishap into pure genius.

I rather think this tomato looks like a bear than a mouse.

This is NOT a wise idea but if you absolutely must, have some finger food on hand for those bears who arrive to your lawn party walking on two rear paws.

Super slides and sunshine bring out the cub in all of us.

Have a pancake and turn that frown upside down.

There was once a species of prehistoric cave bears that missed the evolutionary bandwagon because of their fragile penis bones (for reals). 3M seems to be reviving their visage in the most inappropriate children's hook ever.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lillooet Lake Rodeo, Part I of II

After living near by for eight years, I finally got my butt on over to the annual Lillooet Lake Rodeo in neighbouring Mount Currie.

Women's barrel racing. The eventual winner made three turns in under 16 seconds.

The audience hardly budged during the events. It was a cold afternoon and I would have killed for a blanket myself.

Steer roping, easier to watch than to actually go out there and do it.

I don't recall anyone placing in this particular competition; noone was able to hold onto the rope once they lassoed round the calf's neck.

Next post: bronco riding.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Evidence of Summer

In honour of the sunny hot weather we experienced in Whistler last week and the unseasonably wet, cold grey crap this week, this is what the front yard looked in its budding prime.

Some indoor blooms for Mona's Mom too, courtesy of me for last May's Mother's Day . It lives beside her Virgin Mary figurine in Ontario.

Asian Around the House

A plastic extruded Kwan Yin with great detail, bought two months ago at the only natural food store in Pemberton. Her quiet style is slowing growing on me.

This Mao badge was given to my Mum on the day of her arrival to Canada in 1965 by some 'annoying communist sympathizers' who made it their job to accost chinese ex-pats while embarking on their new lives as landed immigrants. To this day, she still goes ballistic when communism or Mao Tse Tung is mentioned within earshot of her presence. The badge was later passed on to me when I left home after college. Mum, having grudging respect for it as a collectible item with a bastard's face on it, told me to keep it just in case it might be of some value. Time flies when you've been lying in a drawer for 42 years.

Here's what to do if you want a mabe pearl pendant but don't want to pay Mikimoto prices for it. Buy a mabe pearl from a chinese seller on eBay, drill a 3mm hole and fashion a bale out of .18mm flat gold fill wire. Thirteen dollars later, and Bob's your Uncle!