Friday, August 24, 2007

Pemberton and Mona's Birthday

Yesterday was my roomate Mona's birthday and we went to the Pemberton Marsh for a celebratory hike.

Purple heather, the other kind of 'BC bud' we're known for in these here parts.

I haven't a clue what these furry caterpillars are but this one is spectacularly ornate...

... and this one didn't want its picture taken.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Now Serving Ass

A random loaf from Costco caused a stir in my kitchen today when uniform butt shapes appeared in every slice. Wow. I can make an ass sandwich and serve it to Dave, butt will he notice?

Nice Melons

I love summer fruit in season. These seeded melons are much sweeter than their seedless hybrids. I got the little 3.5lb guy at North Arm Farm in Pemberton this week. Its 20lb buddy is there for comparison.

I've sliced the little one in half to reveal the yellow, watery goodness inside. Very tasty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bears and Scones, a natural combo

Oh summer, how you distract me from blogging. While I've been incognito here, I'm busy with lots of stuff as the season rolls on. I also have a backlog of stuff to post in the next few weeks. Please scroll down, and do click on the logo to find out where the bear shaped scones came from. They make healthy, delicious baked goodies.

Summer Beauty

Many black bears can be spotted in Whistler at the moment, and I never have a camera on hand to take pics when they show up on my walks around Lost Lake. Thus, these will have to do. Thanks again to Dave for pressing the camera button.

Evidence of Beaver damming skills in the lake outflow.

Ripening wild raspberries in the bush.

Queen Anne's lace dispersed among cattail reeds and tall grass around the lake.

Afghans, the Crocheted kind

Now is a good time as any to recycle an afghan project that didn't turn out so good four years ago. The chevron pattern was nice looking; only too long and narrow from the onset to make a blanket suitable to lay on a bed.

Four weeks and alot of furious unwinding and re-crocheting produced an afghan big enough to cover Dave and me together (really big).

Last July I crocheted a smaller one for the den, as modelled by Mona here. It's kinda big too.

When Moms Get Serendipidous

"See, you don't have the monopoly on fun around here."

Originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Bear Links, Oh my!

(click on pic for link) Except for Smokey, the fire danger sign in Whistler looks exactly like this one.

Just make sure Grandpa doesn't get accidentally donated one day to the Kwanis Club rummage sale.

Whatever you do, don't wear a seal costume while exiting the submarine.

Another crappy ice cream bear on a stick.

Not really having anything to with bears other that illo's of Panda food, this site is a graphic feast for the eyes.

Celebrities can't help themselves when it comes to wearing the free stuff they get from designers. That Dolce & Gabbana Panda suit is to die for.