Tuesday, September 04, 2007

mona is gunning to be the next tooth fairy

Mona left some cute treats on my filthy drafting table this morning; most likely vegan things from Denman Island Chocolates...

... and buttons with faces stamped in clay, reminiscient of soylent green.

Samples of Yore

I recently made page 2 of the Sea To Sky News with a pic taken at the BC Museum of Mining, aka the defunct Brittania Mine. Dave needed perspective in the core sample area and I happened to be conveniently there. In this deteriorating outdoor uncovered storage are thousands of drawers containing hundreds of thousands of rock core samples, fifty years or more old.

New Welding Mask

Dave models his new welding mask with an auto darkening feature in the glass shield. He asked me to paint a 'flying tiger' on it and of course, I obliged.

This one is my favorite view. He'll have fun chasing the neighbour kids down the street, with hatchet in hand.