Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Tag The Ways

Once in a while I tag along with Dave on his moonlight job as the chief photographer for the Sea To Sky News. These out-takes were taken around the time of his Royal Hudson project at the Squamish Rail yard, about 50km south of Whistler.

I dig graffiti, always have. God only know where this hails from. I'm unaware of anyone here who is as accomplished as these examples. For the spray-can challenged, the graffiti generator is here.

CP must have repainted the yellow bars on top for a practical reason.

The physically challenged are duly represented as well. The world of graffiti is an all-inclusive, all embracing kind of pseudo-hippy humanity.

A posthumus wish for years to come. The festive tag that keeps on giving for miles and miles.


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