Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hello My Lovelies

These are the only flowers around the house at the moment. As a rule I don't make necklaces for sale. My jewelry skills are at a novice range and I'd hate for someone to buy one and have it unknowingly pull apart to bits. So, these exampes are made and worn at my own risk.

Some of these beads have been with me for a decade or more. The nice thing about being handy is I can change the configuration of most necklaces anytime I like. I also have a bad allergy with nickel and am mostly relegated to wearing stuff by me for me.

This is as plain as it gets around my neck. I'm heading towards a Bea Arthur complex in the near future.


Blogger annie said...

Really cool! I did a little beading a year or so ago, and while I didn't have a ton of skill (yours look better polished than mine), it was fun to be able to plan an outfit then make a necklace to go with it in an hour or less. (I guess it's the hurrying that compromised quality as much as the inexperience.

All very beautiful, and I especially like the design of the second.

The only necklaces that I wear in this phase of life are two pendants. One a bear bead on hemp (my husband has a matching one.) The other is a bear medallion on silver that Husband bought me at Ren Faire. :P

You see why I read your blog? ^_^

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