Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inspired By Spring

For a change of scenery this week I grabbed an opportunity to take pics outside, weather permitting. If you read this blog regularly, you'll remember this view is of my back yard.

Another new cash register for the ol' collection, a 50's Kamkamp in superb condition.

An antique US Marine Corps sweetheart pendant from WWII. It's way daintier and smaller than it looks. I like to contemplate the circumstances this necklace went through way back when.

An old stainless steel charm bracelet with found flotsam over the years that I added onto its links. Two coins in particular are over 100 years old.

A real honest-to-goodness used boot spur, retired from a cowboy (or girl). Wish I had the other matching mate to this spur.

Russian made ceramic panda figurines, possibly 70's, and the most common kind found on eBay. I think I've blogged them before, but they look way better out on in the sunlight.

For those rare times I want to make a rythmic clacking commotion, this souvenir from a 2004 Bermuda trip does the job.

A wrought iron garden ornament I picked up in Squamish before winter; heavy enough to deter squirrels and raccoons from tipping it over.


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