Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What? North America can't handle an issue devoted entirely to Knut?

As soon after I'd mentioned Knut in German Vanity fair, a tandem version is released here in North America. The excessive photoshopping belies Leo's efforts in actually 1) standing on a chunk of floating arctic ice far way from the nearest fixed piece to jump onto if that one sinks, and 2) unzipping one's jacket in possibly -25c weather (I've been on frozen lakes in wind chill and it is horibbly f*&king cold, even if your coat is zipped up to your eyeballs). Obviously Knut shouldn't be there and even so, I doubt he would look up like that if there wasn't some kind of incentive dangling overhead, like a nice bottle of warm milk.

Outtake pics are way more interesting. I once worked in daycare administration and remember how quiet the kids got at naptime (and how everything got peaceful for a precious 30 minutes). To a toddler, giving in to fatigue supercedes all logic, practicality and appropriateness.

This one's for Dave, who has identical camera gear and bags like what Knut is snurfling atop of. How cute is that?


Blogger annie said...

Now if that first image isn't a (photoshopped) argument for global warming...

But I muchly prefer the "outtake" photos. Can't beat a bear being naturally bear-like.

8:58 AM  

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