Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter doesn't suck so bad if you have something to do

For me, the weather is a great deciding factor in regards to choosing indoor or outdoor activities. I'm not into snow or snow sports (unless you call shovelling as fast as one can a sport), so indoor all the way it is.

I've been culling my summer wardrobe and refreshing it with new homemade additions. This skirt is merely a tube with elastic for a waistband. No pattern required and a nice way to use up scrap cloth and notions.

This strappy drawstring number is not as wide as a traditional Hawaiian Muu Muu (I own a vinatge one), so I'm simply calling it the Muu. Again, made with scrap (Ikea) cloth.

A 40 year old machine woven silk tapestry quickly serged into a throw pillow for the guest room. I'll have to remember to hide it when my Mum comes to visit. She'll be none too pleased that I chopped up her souvenir from the old country. I have to say it looks much better here than kicking around in the bottom of my scrap bag for the last 15 years.

Time to clean finicky delicate bits of jewelry at a leisurely pace. Thanks to eBay, I found out there is such a thing as sandwich glass bracelets from the 40's.


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