Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scenes of Last Summer

Just when I got used to warm weather, it turned to fall and ugh, winter in no time flat. Years ago on a day just like this, I came across a group of American tourists exiting a black limo and marching straight into Madam Cleo's. They all had huge grins on their faces and I turned to give their chauffeur a 'thumbs up' hand gesture, which he kindly returned.

A well cared for lawn at Richards and Helmcken, across the street from Madam Cleo's. That's all it is, a plot of grass with a CCTV pointed at it. This property is worth tens of millions and would normally be paved into a parking lot till someone gets around to plant a building there. Very curious.

This bronze Venus De Milo sits outside an expensive antique store in upper Granville, the kind you have to ring a doorbell to enter. Passersby have molested her boobs shiny smooth.

The summer outdoor market in Vancouver Chinatown. The number one place to get Hello Kitty cellphone charms and Japanese anime air freshener nodders for the car.


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