Friday, November 30, 2007

Passport Day

While in the city on the 22nd, I decided to renew my passport and brought a camera along just for fun. It was a fairly painless task, and I was out of Sinclair Centre with a new one in hand in less than two hours.

Construction of the new Skytrain line running through Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. Looks to be four stories deep.

Dave mentions from time to time of the 'Puma Store' as an analogy (or symbol if you will) for the ills of urban globalization... but we never thought they actually existed till today, hence the bemused look on his face.

This heavily discounted, horribly shop worn acrylic hair extension makes me feel every bit of the $5 it costs. At your nearest Aldo Outlet Store today.

The Marine Building is often used in American film productions.

The view from the HBC parkade roof where our car was parked. Not a fantastic pic, but the nice lighting was too hard for me to ignore.


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