Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let's Hook Up...

... to the municipal sewer line. The powers that be caught up with us and we are the dead last homeowners to connect in Emerald, a process that started in 2000.

Dave found a sh#t covered Garfield doll in the septic field and hid it in my woodpile. Hardy-har-har.

Amazingly, we only lost one tree to the trench.

Before the underground septic tank can be disconnected, it has to be emptied of its contents.

Septic pump operators really know their sh*t.

In goes the pipe... so boring... so expensive.

Those guys covered up and levelled out the back yard nicely.

Our two vehicles had to make room for the heavy equipment by parking on the road. It snowed that day and thus made parking on that side of the road illegal. Muni knew we were getting work done (hell, they issued the work permits) and wrote them up anyway.


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