Saturday, November 10, 2007

Making Way for the Sewer

The local municipality is forcing us to hook up to their sewer line and the construction company we hired to help is parking their excavator in the front yard in preparation.

God, we should seriously consider into buying one of these things. With this, Dave can get the driveway cleared of snow in five minutes or less!

Bye-bye stupid decrepit hot tub deck. I wish the trees in the background didn't have to go as well. That is where a 8-10' wide trench will go for the sewer pipe. I was hoping to leave Whistler for some R&R during construction, but can't. I guess it won't kill me too much to see the back yard get logged to sh%t.

At least the back view is in tact. It was supposed to rain all weekend and voila, the sun came to save the day.


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