Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stuff I thought was Interesting to Shoot at the Time

This one is for Dave's dad, who might be visiting us from South Africa next fall. Although Dave takes pride in keeping Nibbles on the road, the tailgate was making an omninous noise on the highway and it needed to be checked out...

... because of the 300 lb replacement for a Mercury Grand Marquis rear end we bought at a wrecking yard in Mitchell Island. Plus I scavenged some scrap wood along the trip.

A rotting neon Nalley's sign beside the Lee Valley Store in Vancouver on Marine Drive. They still make pickles and relish, I think.

An overexposed burger/fries/salad combo at our favorite diner, the last stop on our long day. I love diner food and decor, especially the plastic squeeze bottles for condiments. The thin nozzle is great for doodling.


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