Thursday, February 08, 2007

Knicknack Paddywhack

Not much to report on at 'Camp Cabinessence' except the weather is warming up, thank god. I'm down to the last cord of wood for the winter season and this piece in particular reminded me of the nice weather Dave and I worked the Soo Valley in last October. There are over 100 outer rings in it, a remnant from an old, old cedar tree.

Although hard-pack snow is clogging the streets and roads around Whistler, I can scrounge up plenty of shelf space for cool flotsam in the house like this 1' high palmistry hand from eBay. I always wanted one of these crazy things.

Metal construction sign from a defunct company. The screenprinted lettering belies its age.

Another Sally-Ann find in Victoria, a pine tissue box with dutch painting.

I only noticed the two different shaped tusks while detailing the face on this metal mask from a natural food shop in Pemberton. Popular Indian folklore explains that Ganesh broke a tusk in a tiff with another diety, Parashurama.


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