Friday, June 16, 2006

Only in Japan

I was hankering for a Tanuki figurine (from eBay of course) after reading this blurb from the Buddist Corner. He comes with a wide brimmed bamboo hat, not seen here as I impatiently unpacked it at the Starbucks down from the Post Office. Holy smoke, I've never seen a nutsack on a national mascot, let alone a pair as big as paws.

This Tanuki looks normal, except for the red rope presumably tied around its scrotum. Not something you want to gaze at while waiting at the Urologist's office, eh Dave?

Its massive 'endowment' has functioned in folklore as a parachute, knapsack, drums and a symbol of good luck. It also makes for some pretty crazy looking fairy tale illustrations.


Blogger stuffed said...

I would love to have a tanuki in my garden. Thanks for the link.

6:16 PM  

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