Friday, June 16, 2006

Part IV of V: Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Good god has it been a week already since my last post? In the meantime I've gone to the Oregon Coast and back, and tucked into a spate of minor house renovations and bookings for wedding videos and sewing jobs. Summer is usually a busy time for most people who work in Whistler, not quite as hectic as winter but busy nonetheless. Lets get to the Nevada pics shall we?

Just like that Beatle song 'The Long and Winding Road', we enter Red Rock Canyon...

Taking pics in high sun is not ideal and the red rocks look somewhat faded here. In reality they hey are a deep sienna hue.

I'm loving these petroglyphs. These folks really had a good time here.

Magical shapes abound, like this one...

... and so on.

Night falls quickly and I turn around for a parting shot of this natural arch. Wowsers.

Last one in this series: Part V of V, Points of Interest


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