Monday, May 22, 2006

Part III of V: Death Valley

This land has seen many a mushroom cloud in its time. Area 51 is nearby and a military base too.

Mountains of soft rock everywhere... a climber's paradise.

Flash floods cause these old river beds to wind all over the place. I'm sure they dry up as fast as the rain can fill them.

At the time Dave took this pic, the shade temperature was 112f. Where one could find shade to take a measurement, I don't know.

Tracks of an anonymous critter. Despite the name, Death Valley is teeming with jackrabbits and coyotes.

We took a detour through the ghost town of Ryolite on our way back to Vegas. Dusk feel fast and there was just enought light for a few pics. This former railway station once serviced 10,000 inhabitants.

I wish I had more time to explore, but the danger of rattlesnakes are much more real in the night. Time to hit the road and see what else we find...

Next post in this series, Part IV: Red Rock Canyon. I'll resume this subject in mid-June.


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