Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Part II of V: Hoover Dam and Stuff

This trip didn't come up with very many bear motifs for me to find. The Hoover Dam has a number of memorials, statues and comemorative plaques; this one marked the various states that participated in the project more than 70 years ago.

Water goes in, electricity comes out. The locals wax on about before 9/11 how the dam tour was exciting, the access to the turbine rooms, water intake towers and corridors several hundred feet underground. Nowadays for $12 a head, you get 100 feet closer to the dam walls than the schmucks (like me) wandering outside on the promenade.

There is plenty of construction going on around the dam. Other than an alternate freeway being dug into the surrounding mountains, I can't figure out anything more. Sure are a sh*tload of cable lines strung and being strung everywhere.

Total wall height is approximatley 700 feet, of which only 400 or so is visible at the surface.

Some of the end result of all this activity; keeping Vegas lit like daytime 24/7.

The Venetian is the nicest looking casino exterior-wise. Every corner provides a great photo opportunity.

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