Sunday, May 14, 2006

Part I of V: Whirlwind in Vegas

The glass sea anemonae sculpture at The Bellagio. Another fine product of Dale Chihuly's fertile imagination. Big thanks to Dave the Husband and his Nikon D2H for the superb photos.

My neck got sore looking up to the ceiling at The Venetian.

A copy of the Three Graces stands at the lobby of Ceasar's Palace.

The fake Arc d'Triomphe at Paris Casino. Makes me want to go see the real thing in France.

The fake Eiffel Tower at Paris Casino. Again, makes me want to go see the real thing in France.

A light show occurs on the hour at the former Vegas strip on Fairmont Street. The surrounding marquees are automatically shut down for maximum effect.

On the next to last night of our trip we found the famous winking cowboy, also at Fairmont Street. His right arm no longer moves back and forth.

The dude in charge of replacing light bulbs at The Riveria Casino, where we stayed at. Not a small job by any standard... the outdoor marquees alone most use hundreds of thousands of different coloured bulbs.

Plenty of derelict signs on Las Vegas Boulevard leading to hotels that no longer exist. Nearby, the Boardwalk Hotel got razed one night without warning. I only found out by tuning into CNN an hour after it went down.

Next Post: Part II, The Hoover Dam


Anonymous liz f said...

I came to this blog because a quote about how much you love bears caught my eye.

i feel the same way. bears have always been my favorite animal, and i pretty much draw them whenever i draw anything.

anyways, great stuff. bears.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Chief-Ten-Bears said...

Yes, long live the bears!

3:52 AM  

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