Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Emerald Drive, The Scenic Tour

This is for Dave's Dad, who visited us very recently and loves to see the season unfold in my part of North America. I took a camera on my walk to the rural post boxes and back.

Two views of Armchair mountain for comparison, taken a few days and half a kilometre apart.

One neighbour has crocuses blooming in their yard, something that only happens in March and not October. The poor things don't stand a chance in the night.

Another neighbour has a wild apple tree growing on the road. It is actually illegal to have fruit bearing trees on your property in Whistler (attracts bears). I picked a few stragglers for Mona, who is vegan. Can't get more organic than this.

The neighbourhood trees turning red, if only for a few weeks.

What a pleasant thing to hang on your front step.

The Homestead.

The $10 metal star that covers a bare electrical box on the front of the homestead.

Me noticing the hundreds of pine cones scattered around the yard, leftovers from last night's rainstorm.

If left there, they'll freeze into little missles that plug up the snowblower and break an auger or axel... or Dave could accidentally suck one through the snowblower and shoot it towards the house and break a window. I've got to start raking.


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