Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Firewood Season 2007

The fall monsoon rains swell the rivers and embankments in an impressive way. This is the dam overflow for the hydro electric generator plant in Soo Valley.

The river where excess water from the dam drains into.

The same spot Dave and I harvest firewood for three years going, about ten kilometres past the dam.

My view of Dave as I finish chaining another log(s), climb back to the road, grab the truck winch cable and hook it to my chain.

A self-portrait... though it would be a good idea to take one before I get fu#*ing filthy from head to toe out here. I'm also modelling my new ear muffs, a gift from Dave. They bring everything audible down to 29 decibels.

Two logs skidded together, a yellow cedar and a fir.

The other end chained by yours truly.

I prefer to peel off bark when possible, and the cedar was mercifully easy to do.

I often come across one lone tree standing in the middle of a modern logging slash (modern meaning 20 years old or less). I know from my Dad, who was a logger, that spar trees were used to secure cables for hauling and stacking cut logs... except that was over 30 years ago and modern machinery has made the spar tree obsolete. I can only guess this is either in homage to the old way of doing things or a silly joke to leave this last tree behind. Anyway, dusk is falling fast and it's time to pack up.

Another 3/4 cord of wood, previously discarded by the logging industry, for us and a slightly cleaner logging slash for nature to reclaim for herself.


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