Sunday, November 12, 2006

Collecting Cash Registers

I hinted of posting these examples a while ago and here they are. Green and blue matching Registers frm Western Stamping Co. I Love that they are scaled down versions of their adult counterparts.

This one has a dial for ringing in different kinds of pretend merchandise and a thing on the side for printing out pretend receipts.

The only Tom Thumb in my collection made in England, and it came with extra pretend coinage.

This one has no manufacturers stamp and promptly stopped working after I gave it a new paint job and window. Darn.

Ooh la la, very pink!

Kamkap register in sanitary looking pressed sheet steel.

Another cash register from England, this time it's in pence and shilling denominations.

These two tiny black registers are about 80 years old and by Durable Toy and Novelty. They still ding loudly when the till opens.

These two are respectively by Aster (Japan) and Dunham (USA) and I don't know anything about them. I replaced a few buttons on the Aster with a bit of hot glue and paint.

The most impractical one of the bunch. The whole thing has to be turned upside down and shaken to make the buttons pop out for replay. No sense putting money in it, is there?


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