Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ain't She a Beauty?

Holy cow, it's done... the deck I mean. Dave found a nice cafe table at a garage sale, something that can withstand the elements till next spring.

Those pyramid shaped things on the top rail keep water out of butt joints and screw holes, as well as making it look nice.

I had no luck finding a new finial anywhere so I made this out of a store bought drawer pull, a bun foot for a sofa, and wooden wheels. It got glued and brad nailed before being turned upside down and screwed to the top of the stairs.

The other end of the deck rail gets a finial too... a figurative bear I made four years ago.

The easiest finial to install; just one screw through the duckie. 'Quackers' was a dump find.

The moulding on the indoor stairs is done too. Poor stairs had to wait 8 years to get finished.

Sports gear don't die where I live. They eventually all get nailed to the house.


Blogger stuffed said...

!!! Oh, my!!! It's so freaking gorgeous. While I've been arguing with someone over potential home remodeling, you've been busy with that beauty. Inspirational. Love the window trim, too. Just awesome.

2:19 PM  

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