Monday, September 11, 2006

That Damn Deck

I've been completely occupied with getting this entire deck replaced before the weather turns for the worse, which by Weather Canada's forecast should happen this wednesday. Aaaaaargh. This is the largest remodelling job I've ever done and it's never ending, what with hauling plywood up and sanding planks down et al. This little bit captured here is interesting for what you can't see. I accidentally punched my leg right through the garage ceiling underneath these beams. Add 'replacing the garage ceiling' to the top of my humongous list of things to do.

BTW, Dave is crazy about his new fisheye lens and uses it all the time now, hence the wonkiness of these photos.


Blogger stuffed said...

Fantastic! Good luck with your deadline. Just don't paint it pink like the railing pic below. LOL

3:57 PM  

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