Thursday, December 01, 2005

Unfortunate Bridesmaids and More

I've got to mention one of my favorite photoblogs, Bighappyfunhouse. A wonderful collection of other people's discarded old photos updated regularly, and the pie is free.


Anonymous lyn said...

I nearly quite like the orange and pink combo, but the veil is horrendous. And they all look they have large breasts. Do you think the Groom choose who to have ?

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Dana said...

That is the funniest site I have been to in a long time. Reading some of the comments are just hillarious. Thanks for posting the site.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous angharad jones said...

I LOVE it! I would wear that dress in a heart beat. In fact...I think we have a version of it tucked in our dress up box. Time to dig it out!


8:33 AM  

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