Sunday, June 12, 2005

That Ikea Pattern

This is for Tania who mused out loud on her blog about the quality of this particular fabric at Ikea. I've bought 19 metres (20 1/2 yards) of it in 2 colours and can say it doesn't bleed or shrink in the wash and comes out from the dryer nearly wrinkle free. It's a good buy for the width (155cm/62") wide and is a great compromise between the husband who doesn't want flimsy chintz and the wife who can't stand sports themes. Some people might find the canvas weight of this fabric too thick for duvet covers/pillowcases; I like it very much for the durability and warmth against Whistler's cold evening temps.


Blogger tania said...

oh wow!!
that really looks fabulous!
its amazing how when you are hot and tired you just cant visualise how good it will look at the store- wish i got it! have to go back - oh how horrible ( haha i love going there)
cheers, and thanks for leaving a comment!

7:55 AM  

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