Sunday, June 05, 2005

Life, or something like it

Oy, I don't know what hit me... I think it's a bit of a cold/flu bug and it's a good thing it can't be spread from blog to blog. Life has been busy of late with a few wedding video jobs, helping with my mum's 3rd party property damage insurance claim with 2 different companies (it's a convoluted story, nothing very interesting except I have to help her with english portion of the matter) and Dave the husband being sick with an odd inner ear infection that makes him reel a bit on his feet. Anyway, I've still making bears in whatever spare time I've got. There are 3 polar bears and my June month of softies on the go and I'll get those pics up as soon as they're done. Here's an odd bit of craft I finished recently of a plaque made of just bear heads. It's a good way of using up scraps and carving for
practise (my thumbs thank me for this). Also, It kind of reminds me of the neat hobo art I've seen for sale on eBay.


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