Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Big Dump of Vegas Pics

'Bear' with me as I unload Part V, the very last of my vegas pics. These are interesting on their own for various reasons...

The mascot of a native reserve convenience store on the outskirts of Vegas. We bought tequila, gas and bottled water. I just had to go shop there.

The pallet of fireworks that greets customers at the front door. Actually, half of the place (2000 square feet) was dedicated to selling fireworks alone. The other half housed a casino, cafeteria, gas bar, liquor store and gift shop. The store partially burned down a few years ago, but that didn't stop it from being open for business throughout fourth of July weekend.

A chirpy little love bird comfortably riding shotgun in a truck with all the windows rolled down. Another parrot rode in the back.

A local bar in the desert where we had a good ol' time.

Souvenirs from customers from all over the world.

Close-up of one of many monetary bills that decorate the walls.

Dave in Red Rock Canyon watching his namesake flying overhead.

Buzzards at dusk.

A glossary of petroglyph meanings. Note the swastika at the lower right corner.

Abandoned rail car in Ryolyte.

Abandoned chapel on the Vegas strip. There were many like this all over town, which made me guess that people preferred to get married at in-house casino chapels instead.

Casino workers handing out mardi gras beads on Freemont Street. In so many droll looks they alluded to the fact that their jobs, outfits or both, really suck.


Blogger stuffed said...

I've wondered what's going on with Vegas chapels. It used to be considered drunken fun to have the fake wedding package but haven't heard of many partaking lately. I bet it is the casinos fault as you suggested. People just don't want to leave that fancy air conditioning.

Great pix.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Chief-Ten-Bears said...

You got it, just step outside and it bakes like the dickens out on the street. These derelict chapels are too outdated for most people's taste. They're also off the Vegas strip, an undesirable place run a business and make a living off of it.

1:21 AM  

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