Monday, July 17, 2006

Shelving Away

Summertime is when I tackle certain projects that can only be done in the summer, when the garage door is open wide and the table saw runs into the night. This year Dave decided to tear out the darkroom portion of the garage and install a metal workbench. I added all the shelving you see here, and moved a far amount of our tools in. This room is quaint in a grubby, dusty sort of way.

Kick-knack shelves before and after, the former hobbled together with previously damp pallet wood two years ago and the latter with store-bought knotty pine and moulding for trim. Not a big difference visually but it makes me feel better that its done right second time around.

A casualty of remodelling. It's a good idea to remove breakables away from where you're screwing wall brackets. Poor guy stood below my elbow on a lower shelf to where I was working.

Display cases are always welcome at my house, something I usually have to make because these sorts of dimensions are impossible to buy at Ikea. Here is another before and after, and nicely bolted to the wall.

I still managed to make some time for bearmaking. A detailed post and introduction into 'Ye Olde Ten Bears Shoppe' will follow soon.


Blogger stuffed said...

I envy your skills. Great shelves. Poor casualty. I did something similar to a bisque pony. Love the new bears. Can't wait to read about them.

3:14 PM  

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