Friday, March 24, 2006

Grace of History

I was at my mum's place last week doing her taxes when she asked me to help her find some way old family documents relating to the Chinese head tax my Dad's Dad paid on his arrival into Canada in 1918. I'm an odd bird out here in BC and by that I mean I very rarely come across a second generation chinese canadian whose parents and grandparents immigrated as early as mine did. The 1980's were the beginning of Chinese nationals freaking out over Britian returning Hong Kong to China, and coming to Canada by the plane load.

You can guess that I grew up on Vancouver Island feeling a bit alienated all around; being the only asian looking kid in class till grade 6. By high school, other asian kids wanted nothing to do with me because I didn't come to Canada like they did. I was born in Victoria BC to a mill worker and a laundress.


Blogger Mama Lee said...

great looking blog! You must be a cool old bear ;). I think I'm hooked!

3:03 AM  
Blogger Chief-Ten-Bears said...

Thank you Mama Lee, come back soon!

3:43 AM  
Blogger stuffed said...

This quote from the site you posted below got me:
" the Chinese Canadian community exhibits many characteristics of first-generation immigrants..."

First of all, I don't know how one would measure such characteristics but it does paint of picture.

I envy your immigration paper. It's good to have those documents. The genealogist in me mourns the day my grandmother spring cleaned her way through our family's records.

6:00 PM  

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