Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Big Whoop Goes To...

Jo in NZ for posting the totes I sent two and a half months prior to them getting there. Folks, it's worth it to buy expedited mail. Next is Happy Chicken Swing Set who likes the bits of humour I embed in this blog. I always tell who I know to 'laugh it off' or the stress will kill you right where you're standing. Not long ago a guest at a wedding I was shooting video at ripped the plug out of the socket my studio lighting was attached to. It was during first dance and on the cusp of getting too late in the dusk to register anything in my camcorder. The deejay and I shared a 'douchebag' epiphany together and he told me tales of even worse stuff he's seen at his other jobs where the bridal party left in an ambulance. Yeah, life is funnier than fiction.


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