Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bats; Real and Imagined

little brown bat
Photo courtesy of Natureworks.
I was half asleep in bed last Monday when Dave nudged me in the shoulder and pointed into the utter darkness of the bedroom (I have non-existent night vision, even with my glasses on).
"Did you see that? If that is a moth then it's the biggest ass moth I've ever seen!", said Dave.
*Snark* "Uhhhh, I think it'z a bat... I'll get it tomorrowzzz... zz.", I mumbled, annoyed at being woken.

Tuesday morning rolls around and I'm in the kitchen stirring my coffee and trying to recall whether I dreamed the bat conversation last night when it dive bombed me, hit a window and jetted deep into living room 1 (there are 2, side by side in the house). Dave was right! Also, this is the second bat we've had sneak inside in 5 years (rural living never ceases to surprise me). I have no idea how this one got in but it must have been some days ago. The bat flew low with little flapping and acted very fatigued. A few minutes later, it tangled itself in a plant pot and I threw a tea towel on it, clutched its wings and chucked it outside. If it wern't for those creepy wings and needle sharp teeth (the little guy kept chomping on the towel till I let go) I would admit bats can be quite cuddly cute.

If you happen to find yourself catching a bat, I stongly recommend holding its face away from you and your hands. Upwards of 10% of all brown bats carry rabies.


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