Monday, August 29, 2005

Keep Cool My Babies!

As Conan O'Brien likes to say before he starts his nightly monologue... yeah I've been way tardy with posting. I've noticed that alot of other bloggers are too. Summer does that sort of thing. My lame excuse is I live and work in a resort town and it's a cyclical 'feast or famine' business climate. The feast times are June-early October and late December-early April (totally depends on when the snow arrives or melts). Every other time is called a 'shoulder season', and noone likes those around here, hence we all work our butts off like squirrels saving their acorns for the thinner months ahead, me included. If I'm not sewing for money, I'm assisting Dave on his wedding jobs or managing his book-keeping. Then there's guests and housework, aaaaaaand you get the big picture. I have been thinking of you guys though. Check out the following posts for August 28th and I hope to have new stuff soon.