Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Change in Subject...

I still would rather not be known as a sewer but I've got to mention what a honey of a machine the Huskystar 224 is. This is the most ergonomically sensible machine I've worked on yet and I'm amazed at the extra efficiency it provides to complete projects. My favorite features are the even thread tension throughout, clear bobbin case (so you can see how much thread is left at any time) and the in-machine needle threader. No more squinting and frustration! Dave the husband says this is the second Husqvarna product we own aside from his 3' chainsaw. I should also mention I got it at the Pfaff Store in Vancouver. Otto, the owner, is a funny old european guy and never seems to sell his machines at full retail price. Everytime I'm in there he's insisting "You can have that for 'xx' amount less okay, yeah? Take it home now yeah?" So I took this floor model home for $475cdn, down from $550.

Update: I changed my mind... yeah I'm a sewer, big time.


Anonymous lyn said...

Joyce, I truly love my sewing machine, it came with a whopping user manual (something that normally would make me run away screaming in terror ) but I persevered and now we have a love-love relationship. My friend recently bought me a mini stick on mirror with the word 'Goddess' etched on to it. You can guess where it I put it.
I LOVED your comment on the playhouse,it really made me laugh.
Happy, happy sewing.

1:24 PM  
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